Most people have the wonderful and rewarding life long dream of home ownership, especially living in a great city like Toronto, who wouldn’t want to own here!? 

However, given the rising cost of homes in Toronto, many people are starting to feel that this dream might take much longer to achieve, but don’t fear! There is a slew of underrated and great neighbourhoods that Toronto has to offer that can help you achieve your dream sooner!

1. If you’re priced out of The Beach, check out New Toronto

2. If you’re priced out of Leaside, check out Todmorden Village

3. If you’re priced out of The Kingsway, check out West Hill

4. If you’re priced out of Moore Park, check out Cliffside

5. If you’re priced out of The Junction, check out Weston Village

Interested in any of these neighbourhoods? Click HERE for the article and a description of each.